Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Jun 2002

MapIt is the final countdown.... (tiruriruuuu...tiruriruriiiii....!)- but i am still enjoying loads...and i have plenty of things to do yet!
In Coral Bay at the moment...a tinny little place with just two shops, two caravan parks and a bottle shop. And a beautiful beach with pristine waters, heaps of coral and fish and sun sun sun...i am telling you...too much sun!!!!
Back to the stairway to the moon....i have to say it was absolutely is the first time that i see the moon rising from the horizon just the same way as the sun does...while thousends of people sat on the beach waiting for this moment...their cameras and flashes ready...a real espectacle...The moon did its appearance dressed in orange...and then released the famous orange if inviting us to join it up there in the sky...
Now, i don't know wether you understood me...but it was more or less this way! Ok, it was all about the moon-rise and its reflections on the mud ...for it happens during a very low tide. So simple as this but really beautiful.
After this, we enjoyed the night markets with all its hippy atmosphere that i so much adore!
From Broome to Exmouth...long trip again. As for Exmouth...i did not really like it very much there...still, i spent a day on a bike...riding empty roads on my way to the beach...and around the area...enjoying the funny termites from the Pilbara region...ha ha they look like massive poos!!!!
From Exmouth and from Coral Bay you can enjoy the Ningaloo reef...famous for its i would love to say that i swam with them...but bloody hell! it really is very expensive and i am already skint!!! time...when i am rich!
My arrival to Coral Bay was a funny one...for i had not booked any accomodation at all...neither had my two japanese friends i first met in Cairns...ages ago! We bumped into each other on the bus!So there we were...with our backpacks...not knowing what to do next...for the bus had already gone...and there was no accomodation available!
So we decided we would sleep know...warm clothes...sleeping bags...and red wouldn't be so bad...!
But we were lucky for Jeff, the owner of a caravan park let us stay in his place...after me telling him about our miserable situation...he might have felt sorry for us...
We had very good time with him last night...he is a real aussie you know!. But today it was time to move and find a place to stay...
These two japanese girls are lovely...but the thing is they don't speak a word in see..comunication between us is a bit difficult...but still...they laugh at anything i say! even if i say...i am tired...or...i am going shopping...they would look at me and laugh! How funny!
Today we saw many jumping fish, big ones! All around us! It was cool.
Ok, will tell you more after i have gone swimming with the manta rays...on tuesday!
Ill catch up with you soon!