Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jul 2002

MapWell...only one day left in Oz for lovely Ainhoa...such a tragedy!!! looking back it seems at least two years have past since i first landed here...but the thing is's been just five months!!! surely... the most exciting and intense five months of my life...!
The last two weeks have been great. Back in Coral Bay...i finally went swimming with the whale sharks...for a bit of adrenaline rush! they are really big fish...! and fast too...and...amazing animals!
Only one bad thing...for the very first time i got sea-sick!!! it was horrible...i felt like shit! had to lie down for a long while until i could feel a bit better...then i jumped in the water again...this time to do some snorkelling and see the beautiful corals and millions of fish of the Ningaloo Reef...(am I allowed to say that this is a much nicer reef than the famous one in the east coast???? yes it is!...or at least i enjoyed more.)
As for my japanese friends...we kept bumping into each other anytime we had to catch a bus...they seemed to be so happy to see me again they would wave their arms and say my name very very everyone in the bus could recognize was embarrassing but very funny!
Coral Bay was one of my favourite spots in the west coast...i could have stay there for very long i reckon!but again, i moved on.
Next stop...the dolphins at Monkey Mia...and Markus and Nathalie...two guys i spent two days with having fun and laughing as ever before...for we shared the same sort of humor.It was great, we did a tour around Shark Bay and enjoyed Shell Beach the most. Millions and millions of tinny shells many we could not believe it if we don't see it! At night, we took our sleeping bags and went to the beach, lie down, looked at the stars and stay there until we froze. Then, back in the caravan...and warm again...we thought we were better off back in the there we went again. Great.And freezing too.
Cervantes was my next stop, a little coastal town where all streets are named with spanish names, such as Barcelone, Seville, Majorca...bla bla bla ...ha ha ...they wished....!!!
The only reason why you would like to stop in this village is to see the desert of the Pinnacles...fair it is absolutely gorgeous...
another reason to stay there..could be just to chill out...i guess!
And now, am back in Perth...and i am staying in my very first hostel in Oz...five months have past since then...five months full of experiences and emotions...five months i am even feeling a bit sure i will miss walking barefeet and marsh-mellows in the fire...and Greyhound driver's white socks rolled up to their knees...and...the sea and the aussie skys...and the southern cross!!!!and many other things i can't name now...there's no space for them all.
Thank you all for following my trip, it was good sharing it with you.
Hope you enjoyed it!