Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Mar 2002

MapWell...finally i have a computer for myself for an hour!!!
Last time i wrote i was still in Albany right?
Next morning, early again, wandered a bit around the village, as my bus was leaving at 11. So i went up to one of the look-out mounts, from where i could see all Albany, part of the beach, the Mount Barker, known for its wineries, and far at the end, the Porongurups, apparently beautiful ranges that i missed...
So i jumped on the bus energetic as ever and ready for a lond journey to Esperance...and about my stay there i can't tell you much, as i got there late in the evenig and left again the next morning...
Something funny though...During the long trip across a bit boring landscape (you know...long roads, loads of bush and from time to time one car or even few grazing sheep !), we stopped -let's say in the middle of nowhere...-in a roadhouse where we could get some food and stretch our limbs. The owners were an old greek couple and somehow realized i was mediterranean too. At first sight they though i was Al Capone...not jocking! at least this was what the man first asked me! then i told them i was spanish...(there's something bizarre with being spanish in know...!) And then he asked me to dance in the spanish way! As for the woman, after telling me all about her life, she begged me to get a sandwich...I told her i was ok but finally i had to be polite and went back to the bus with a free sandwich, that i ate later on !
Not only this, but as soon as i got to Esperance, i went to the closest shop to get some food for the day after and this time, the owner gave me not only one but three meat pies! Free again! (i must say that they were a bit yucky though...) Probably i looked like a starving little spanish girl lost in the middle of massive Oz! Who knows?
And so, back to my trip to Kalgoorlie...after many hours of boring road again, i finally got to this amazing place, in the middle of the desert.Defenitely it was the most different thing i had seen so far!
Kal, (as it's called by everyone) is a rough town, sorrounded by plenty of mines (gold, nickel and other minerals are digged here), many pokies machines (as for gambling machines...) and a lively night life, specially in the pubs where you can meet the lovelies skimpies (or almost naked women serving behind the bar).
It's defenitely a town for men...but still i had loads of fun there! The buildings are as they were in the past...with these western verandhas and balconies...(you can even imagine a cowboy coming out from these in the western films); the roads though impressed me the most, as they are so wide you can fit more than six cars...but the funny thing is not having any traffic light, any 'give way' sign, or any line on the pavement, so ....just wide (and most of the times empty) roads (excluding Hannan Street, of course, the main road of the town!). And fortunately, my hostel was in Hay Street, most known for its brothels, as in the past, with red, pink shinny lights and even offering tours and packages!
Well, a bit of history yeah? Some people would say..."history? there's no history!"...but i will tell you something about this famous Hannan: he was the first man in discover gold in the area, which today is known as 'the Goldfields'.Two irish mates were with him when this happened, but he became more famous though! Another important mate for this town was CY O'Connor, who designed a 5ookm long pipeline going from almost Perth till Kal, and providing the city with those times water was so important as gold!
I guess this is not so interesting so i'd better change the subject. So here i was, in Kal! With four days ahead and nothing amazing to do! I relaxed in the swimming pool, met some young and tough kiwi miners (very young boys and working from 12 to 14 hours a day, with no breaks, under 50 degrees...and so on!) Getting goog money though...! Visited the Golfields Museum, the Town Hall, The Kalkurla Bush land Park (where i most enjoyed, as it's a long walk among many beautiful gum trees and apparently many animals...though i didn't get to see any...they might be dozing!), as well as the Super Pit Look-out, which is the biggest gold mine in Oz, and from the top of which you can see the huge trucks as if they were little ants!.
My last day there was a bit different, as i got filmed by the Tourist Office! I may get famous one least in Perth and around! They needed some tourists to record a tourist film and so i was one of the luckyly chosen! In return i got a free visit to the Hannans Mining Resort, where i could go in an undergroung tour and even see gold pouring and panning! Interesting! An free!
I spent my last night witn Adams, 'Rusty' for friends!, going pubbing, drinking and enjoying Kal's night life. Even got an offer to work there as a skimpy! Was a funny night, but by ten i had to get the bus! Spent two nights and a whole day on my way to Adelaide, where i am right now. I got here BUGGERED! The trip acroos the Nullarbor was exhausting but had the chance to meet real aussie people and enjoy a beautiful sight of the Great Aussie Bight!
This is my second day in Adelaide, (actually it's not Adelaide but a beach resort twenty minutes away and called Glenelg. Very pretty!)
About my stay here i will tell you soon mates!
I'll catch you later! (running out of time!)