Ainhoa’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Mar 2002

MapSo, here i am again. today it's Saturday,sunny saturday, with 28degrees at eight in the morning! It's only one day left for me in Glenelg, as i'm checking out tomorrow morning.

And so, i'll explain a bit what i've been up to here in this lovely village.

I must say that most of the time i did nothing but relax on the beach...still i spent one day in the Barossa Valley, the most famous wine producing area of Oz. Here we find the famous Jacob's Creek wines! The tour was pretty good and the best way to see the valley. We did four stops in four different wineries, tasting lovely wines...As for me...after the second winery....and feeling a bit tipsy and sleepy (really needing a siesta...!) i went straight to the sweet ports, as i also missed a good cappuccino! Lunch was the best part of the day though, as i finally enjoyed of my first aussie barbie! Very tasty, mmmm gorgeous barbie! So, we visited few villages too, like Tanunda (the oldest german town in Barossa), Lyndoch and i can't remember the other names...The guide was funny...or so i least he made me laugh (or probably it was the wine...?) Well, better than english know...out of 15 people participating in the tour, ten were english...forming kinnda english ghetto...!

Well, the tour was very complete and enjoyable for a day out of Adelaide. No complaints!

Another day i went to Hahndorf, another german town, ment to be Australia's oldest german town (by 'oldest' we mean...XIX century...!?). It's just my personal opinion, but kindda disappoint me in a way...It's a pretty village indeed, but probably a bit too touristy for me,..It's all about a lovely sreet with plenty of gift and hand-crafted shops, some art galleries and very good and expensive places to eat. Plenty of tourists as well!

I was feeling like going walking and so i did. First i stopped in the famous Beerenberg Strawberries Farm, where, after paying one dollar, they give you the opportunity of picking your own strawberries...and of course, once done that you have to pay again for all the fruits collected! Funny yeah? I was a bit bored and very hungry,and so i didn't mind...By the way...the fruits were absolutely gorgeous!

After my light meal, went for a stroll up to one of the lookout point from where you can see the nice landscape of Adelaide Hills. During my walk, and feeling hungry again, i picked some other fruits, such as apples and something similar to pears. The first were all right...the second...yuck! Something was wrong with me that day as i normally don't go picking fruits...but i was feeling so...natural?

Two other days i went to Adelaide city, and enjoyed wandering around its streets, visiting the beautiful Botanic Gardens (London's Kew Gardens should feel jealous...!), the fantastic Museum and so on.

I could also live the joyful athmosphere during the Festival, in the Writer's week site and tonight i'll be in the city so i can luckyly watch a movie or enjoy one of the concerts in Victoria Square.

The rest of the time, here in Glenelg, had loads of fun. This is a very nice and cute coastal village...there's something charming about it...despite of beeing a very touristic place as well...

Probably you forgot, but i used to have plenty of flies around me...remember? By the time i was in Kal, over ten flies used to travel with me everywhere i went. They used to land on my shoulders and my back and so i gave them a lift! But now...i feel lonely as i left them all behind! Somehow i miss them...snif snif!

Hopefully i will meet some more very soon as next week i'm going to the Flinders Ranges for a 'real adventure' (or so it says the leaflet!)

First, i will stay in Kangaroo Island for two days...YES! Hope i can finally meet the shy koalas!

I guess i will not have much time to write during the next days, i'll do my best though.

Talk to you soon!