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lee’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

Location: Thailand

MapAshley and i drove down to Heathrow airport in our rented Citron C2. Took off at 21.35 for Bangkok. Got no sleep what so ever on the 11 hour flight! Arrived in Bankok at 3.30pm. We then got a taxi into the centre of Bankok, where we arrived at back packer central (KHAO SAN road). Found a 'hotel' after 10 mins or so for 600 baht (a fiver). We then went out to experience our first tiome in a tuk tuk, which is more or less a three wheeled glorified golf buggy except it goes faster! We then bumped into this guy who randomly started speaking to us, who turned out to be an 'off duty traffic cop' hmm? Anyway he flagged down a tuk tuk and sent us off to the tourist information. There one of the guys helped us plan out our stay in Thailand, sorting out our transport and accomodation. We then went for some beers and went to a club which had lots of lady boys so we didnt stay for long! In fact we left and went to bed.