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lee’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Apr 2007

Location: Duffy's forest, Australia

MapHaving got to bed at 6am this morning we got up about 2.30pm. With only 4 or so hrs of daylight left, Stuart took us to see some sights in the nearby area. One of which was Palm Beach where Home and Away is filmed. By now it was evening time so having got back to Stuarts we got started on the BBQ. After this, Stuart, Ashley, Joel and Oli decided to play a drinking game that involed GOON! This is dirt cheap white wine mixed with cranberry juice and orange juice....and it gets you drunk! Towards the end of the game, Ashley pulled out the last king, which meant he had to down a pint of beer, mixed with some white wine and a few shots of that nasty Thai drink he had bought. Having already drunk a lot of goon, he decided to take the challenge outside so he wouldnt have to clear up any mess........surprisingly there wasnt any!