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lee’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Apr 2007

Location: Sydney / Duffy's forest, Australia

MapToday we left the Delux hostel, which was far from 'delux'. First we went to pick up our hire car, which was a brand new Yaris. Joel took it upon himself to be the first to drive and took us to Surry Hills, where we then went to all the estate agents along Crown Road trying to find out if any of them had any 4 bed apartments / houses. We couldnt have been any more unsuccessful.

Anyway, we then set off to Duffy's Forest, which is where we would be staying for the next week. Half an hour later we arrived only to be greeted by a massive alsation! Not knowing if we had the right house we all got out of the yaris and followed it round the back of the house. Indeed we had come to the right house and were greeted by Judy. She then gave us a tour of the place, showing us the tennis court, pool, and the hens...which we would have to let out and put to bed every day while they were away.

It was now dinner time and we all sat down to eat the roast Judy had done for us. This also gave us a chance to break the ice with Stuart, Chris (Stuarts dad) and Steph (Stuarts sister). Having finished dinner, Stuart had offered to take us out to a club in Manavale, as he was meeting some friends there. He took us to a place he usually goes on a Thursday and the queue was huage! After 30 mins we got in and turned out to be a good night. We also met Stuarts friend Liz, who was possibly the smallest girl i had seem so far in Australia! Dont know her height, but she was small and she was wearing heels!