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lee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Oct 2007

Location: Cairns / Mission Beach, Australia

Of on my travels again, we were up at 4am to catch a 7.15am flight from Sydney to Cairns. On arrival in Cairns we were met by the green Cairns Beach House mini bus, which took us to the hostel. One thing that immediatly Struck me was the fact that there are mountains everywhere! Mid afternoon saw the arrival of Olly and Jenny. For dinner we went to the Rhino bar as we got free food, however there was an obvious reason why the food was free! We then headed to the Woolshed where the jugs of beer became empty in little time as it was buy one get one free, so this meant 2 jugs for 10 dollars.

Today i was going off on my trip to Cape Tribulation. Even though the bus was 30 mins late we still arrived on time as the driver was a nutter! First, was the Daintree River cruise which was alright, but nothing special. I then arrived at PK's Jungle Village, where i would be staying and met Marcus, Sebastion, Hannah, Yanna, Fran and Jess who were all in my room. The afternoon was spent on Cape Tribulation beach and the evening in PK's bar where they had a trivia night.

The morning was spent on the beach, before i was picked up around lunch time to head for the Mossman George. After this, we headed to Port Douglas, stopping on the was at Alexander Point Look out (where Steve Irwin died). Port Douglas was very nice and very small. We only had 1 hour to look around, but this was enough time to get a feel for the small resort. The evening was just spent relaxing at the Cairns Beach House bar, as Olly, Olly, Jenny and Joel were doing their day trip to the Great Barrier reef the follwing day.

I had a day off, so just spent the day looking around the lagoon and port. Upon Joel, Olly, Olly and Jenny's retern we obviously headed to the Rhino bar for our free food and then went onto Gilligans.

This had to be a day to remember. Departing Cairns harbout at 8am, me and the other 15 people (12 girls!) headed 1.5 hrs out to the Great Barrier Reef aboard Ocean Freedom. First we went snorkling, followed by a dive, which was amazing! We then had lunch which was really good - all you could eat. The afternoon was spent doing a snorkal tour, where lots of interesting things such as sea cucumbers and star fish were pointed out by the dive instructor. After this it was time to head back to the port of Cairns. And to top off a brilliant day, i was allowed to drive the boat!

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning, it was time to head down to Mission Beach. First impressions was that there was nothing there, literally. One petrol station ans a tiny supermarket. Nothing much happened over the 2 days, just relaxed, went to a bar called Coco's and met Nick.