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lee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 Oct 2007

Location: Magnetic Island / Airlie Beach


Travelled to Townsville where i had to catch the ferry across to Magentic Island. Once on the island i arrived at Base, which was a really good hostel. Then spent the evening with Pip, Rachael and Keely, who i had met randomly in the internet room. The 4 of us managed to plough our way through a 4 litre goon!


Me and Pip went and hired a barbie mobile, funny as hell, then just spent the day going around the island. In the evening, Nick had made it to the island, so we went to the magners bar to play some pool.


This was a cool day and was also my birthday. Me and Nick went to the koala village, were we got to hold a bably crocodile, carpet python and of corse a koala! Then the evening brought lots of fun and games. Having said i was not going to dress up, the girls in my room completely ignored my comment and turned me in to a car accident victim. Glad they did in the end, as the night would not have been nearly as good!


With fairly big hangover i had to catch they greyhound down to Airlie Beach. Checked into Magnums and then went to check in for my Whitsundays where i found out that you actually leave Friday evening, not Friday morning. After cooking for ourselves we headed to morrocos bar and then the beaches where we met up with the girls from the koala village on magnetic.

Fri / Sat / Sun / Mon

Friday was just spent chilling by the lagoon, walking around Airlie and visiting the port. Then around 6.30pm i was dropped off at the port to board my boat (the Anaconda). This was an awesome 3 days. Having woken up Saturday morning to the ocean, we across to White Haven Beach, which is the 3rd most beautiful / natural beach in the world! The rest of the morning was spent practicing diving. The afternoon was spent snokling an area of the reef. Sunday was to be the best day...we went to Bait Reef to do snorkeling in the morning which was so good and then some of the others dived in the afternoon. Then in the evening time we headed for Peal Bay where we watched the best sun set i have ever seen. The eveing was spent having a few beers and having dinner, before heading to bed for another early night. Our last day (Monday) saw us move to another location to go snorkelling as the previous location had reports of a 2 metre crocodile being sighted! Which by all accounts was a very rare thing for that part of the coast. Having gone for another snorkelling jaunt, we had lunch and headed back to Airlie with the sails in action to top off the trip!!