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lee’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Nov 2007

Location: 1770 / Rainbow / Fraser, Australia


This morning i arrived in 1770 in tow with Nick and Pip. Having hardly slept all night and the fact it was raining wasnt the greatest. Turned out, Racheal and Anna were in the same room as me and Nick which was cool. Did little this day


Me and Nick stupidly decided to walk from Agnus Waters to 1770 which took us over an hour, was raining and got constantly attacked by fly's!!! In the afternoon we we set to do the choppers, but it was called off as it was still raining! This meant that i did nothing in the 2 days i spent in 1770. However, in evening we went to some random germans house as there was an organised bbq. Turned out the whole of our hostel was there and was pretty cool.


Today i got the bus down to rainow beach, where surprise surprise, i bumped into Davies again! In the afternoon we had our breifing for the Fraser trip and got put in our groups.


This was the first day of Fraser. At 7.45am we were round the back of Dingos having our final breifing from Merv. Then we set off to catch the ferry across to Fraser. First stop was lake Mckenzie - awesome! Then we set off to find our campsite. Once set up it was time to cook our first group meal (stir fry) which went without a hitch. After eating we went next door where some of the other groups were to party.


Went to see the ship wreck and Indian Head. Both were really good


Went to Lake Wappy. This was probably the highlight of Fraser. It was like being in the desert and amazing views. After this it was time to get the ferry back to rainbow beach. That eveing we all went out for dinner.