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lee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Location: Rainbow/Noosa/Surfers/Byron


Today i was doing my sky dive! Was met by 2 guys at Dingos and filled in some paper work incase anything happened to me. I then got taken to a field, where me and MajaGot into the tiny plane which would take us up to 14,000 feet! Having been in the plane for 30 mins, everything seemed fine, then Phil (the guy in was attached to) opened the door. This is when it really hit me (and it hit me hard!) that i was about to jump out of a plane. Having landed onto the beach and the fact i was still alive i was feeling exilerated. The dive was not as bad as i had thought, and would probably do one again.


Got the bus down to Noosa, and surprise surprise, Nick was on the bus. So we headed down to Noosa and both checked into Koalas. We then went up to the look out point, where you could look out over the whole of Noosa. In the eveing we took advantage of happy hour at the hostel and got on the 8 dollar jugs of beer. Having sunk a few jugs we went to the main street in Noosa and went to rolling rock.


Today we went to Australia Zoo! A good day, but think the zoo was slightly over rated. However, the 5 year plan is for the zoo to reach 500 acres in size and the 10 year plan is to expand to 1000 acres with Beerwa train station running through the zoo and to have its own hotel and safari park!


Got the greyhound to Surfers, where is was picked up from the bus stop in a limo and taken to the sleeping inn. Laying on my bed and then a girl walks into my dorm. Turns out its Maja who i did the sky dive with! That eveing the hostel was holding an all you can eat pizza fest for 5 dollars! Ate so much pizza, felt so sick after. We all then walked into town to shooters, where we got free entry and drink. Drinks were 4.50 until midnight, which was good. Then Maja and me went to a bar called Melbas. Was at the bar and got speaking to these 2 guys. Turned out One of them had his own internet site and the other guy worked for him as a male gigalo! Thought they were winding me up, but then i remembered seeing the guy from a dating advert on tv! Really random. Then we headed up stairs and got some vip treatment and a free round of drinks! which was cool, as James and Zak were buying me and Maja drinks anyway.


Still drunk, had to check out and then got the bus to wet n' wild. Spent the day there which was cool. Then got the bus in the evening to Byron


This morning i made my way up to the lighthouse where you had great views of Byron Bay. Got back to the hostel where i met a new dorm mate, Corry. That eveing we went out in Byron tanked up on passion pop! Nasty cheap sparkling wine, but affective!


Hung around Byron during the day and then got my 6pm bus down to Sydney which got in a 7am the next day!