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lee’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Dec 2007

Location: Chile


Today we would travel back in time arriving in Santiago 5 hrs before even leaving from New Zealand. Having arrived at the airport 2 hrs before check in, this meant a lot of waiting around, however, once checked in and gone through to the departure lounge we discover the flight had been delayed for 5 hrs, so yet more waiting around was to be done and a second consecutive burger king to be had! Eventually we boarded th plane at 10pm and took our seats (not together tho) i was next to some random South Americans. We then arrived in Santiago at around 6pm the same day and made our way to our hostel. We then went on the hunt for some food, and surprise surprise we ended up at burger king yet again. Not onky that, but we were apparently in quite an unsafe area.


We got the mightly pullman bus to Valpariso, which was seemed an ok place.


Today we took and 8 hr bus journey from Valpariso to Mendoza in Argentina. First impressions was that it was a very nice place. That evening we went out for dinner to a high class restaurant aand had a meal and a litre of beer for around 30 pesos which is 5 pounds! Not only that, but because it was only 18.30, we had the whole restaurant to ourslves as the spanish do not eat until around 9pm. After we just went back to a bar / resaurant near our hostel and had a few more beers.


Me and Oli went into Mendoza to sort a few things out. The main thing was Oli trying to get a sim card, and asking questions about sim cards and trying to get answers was very hard seeing non of the sales assisstents spoke english and we spoke very little spanish. In the end we found this guy in a phone / internet cafe who helped us and Oli decided to repay the uy for all his hard work with a handful of sweets and chocolate bars....random, but i guess it was a nice gesture.
We then went out for dinner, yet again to another high class restaurant, which was very relaxing , however Oli had to be at a tango class with in 20 mins of arriving at the restaurant, so obviously he wasnt going to make it on time!


We were to catch a bus from Mendoza to Salta however when we turned up to the bus station at 12pm there were no seats until 8pm!! So effectively we were delayed by 8 hrs. The afternoon consisted on the internet mainly, as this is why im doing this bog now.