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linda Ferstendik’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi everyone,

Almost on the last lap now - only another three days to go and I will be on that hatefully long journey home. I have just got back from Tasmania and I am having a quiet evening in Alex's apartment while he has gone out with friends to a bar nearby. His flatmate is also out for the night so I can please myself.

Tasmania was interesting. The countryside is beautiful and in the late afternoon yesterday, Alex and I set off from a little town called Burnie, where he had business, to drive back to Hobart via the mountains. I can only say that the trip was 'awesome' as they say over here - trouble is, everything they say or do is 'awesome'! In this case it was all true. Every turn in the road (and there were many) brought an incredible new vista and when it wasn't mountains, it was an enormous lake which had been created by damning the river. The remains of dead trees protruding from the water gave the landscape a quite eerie quality and was certainly begging to be photographed. Unfortunately, although I did take a lot of pix, time was against us and with the approach of sunset, we were anxious not to spend too long in one place in case we should miss the views further on. I wanted to take photographs of the dead trees lying along the shoreline in grotesque, twisted forms but the fading light made this almost impossible. It would have been wonderful to have had a whole day just to do some hiking in the area which is a National Heritage Site. I so wanted to take a walk along the lake-side - well, next time maybe. I think Peter is quite keen to come to Tasmania with me when we next return to Oz as it's only an hour by plane from Melbourne. I now have two lovely hotels there to stay in so if anyone is planning to go, ask me for addresses. Well possums, it probably won't be worth writing again as this weekend will be spent re-packing, searching for the last pair of Ugg Boots for middle daughter and generally partying and saying goodbyes to Alex's friends which won't make interesting reading for you. Look forward to catching up with you all at home and thank all of you who suffered my blog for taking the time and trouble. I think my next one will be very interesting if I can get to a computer as it will be the charity rally to Russia via Scandinavia. Watch this space and love to you all. xxx