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linda Ferstendik’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Jun 2007

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

MapHi friends,

This is a very quick one as I only have 20 minutes on line. We have just arrived in Gothenburg. Drove 400 miles yesterday but only a couple of hundred today and it was through beautiful countryside. It has been quite a tiring trip so far although we did get a free day in Copenhagen yesterday. We had a funny experience at dinner. The concierge had booked us a place and we pitched up to find it was very starchy and we already knew that everything in Copenhagen was very expensive. We were asked if we wanted to start with a glass of champagne. The warning bells should have started then! They poured us Bollinger and we were then given the menu. There was nothing kosher for anyone to eat and everyone with us couldn't eat shellfish etc. We had already been served with canapes and we faced the embarrassement of having to say we were leaving. We were presented with a bill for £100 just for the champagne and canapes!!! We ended up in a lovely little Italian place where we had an excellent meal. The proprietor was a mad Italian with a huge temper who was more interested in footy than serving us. The town was swarming with supporters for the Sweden/Denmark game. Can't write more now as I am out of time. Missing you all and catch up more on my return. Weather has been great but would like to have seen more of the countries we passed through. Hope some of you will sign on and leave a message.

Love Linda x