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Bex’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHello guys!!!
We are very sorry that we havent written in ages. We have been forced to update today as although we have only been away for 3 weeks or so now (it seems SO much longer!) we have done a lot recently n now we're in thailand. So if we dont update now we're going to forget stuff!!
So Xi'an was good. We didnt do a lot but we were there for 4 days n saw the terracotta warriors which was the main plan. It took us quite a while to sort out our tickets for the train down to HK as we were told in Beijing that a 'rep' would meet us at the station. They didnt.
So at 8.30 am we pulled into Xi'an n found our hostel very easily thank god! n started attempting to found out where the hell our tickets were coz we were leaving in 3 days. Hostel people very helpful n we ended up outside the travel agents (although at the time we didnt know it..) n called them only to be told they didnt have the tickets n we had to go back next day. Eventually was all sorted, n they gave us tickets to 'Guangzhou' where they told us someone would meet us for a transfer n tickets to HK! (We were a bit apprehensive....)
Terracotta Warriors was weird as there are 3 main pits, yes mum all enclosed, which they are still excavating. Although nick n i were trying to imagine when as they are all open to public at the moment... Maybe at night?! It was a bit Indiana Jones but with loads of tourists n chinese guides speaking French, Spanish, Scandanivian etc, which was quite funny! We got some good pictures n spent a few hours there but it was peak season i.e. manic n we had seen enough so we went back to hostel- where we watched dvd's, did washing n Nick aka ''Mr. GSCE in Ping Pong'' taught me some serious ping pong moves. We were having some almost chinese standard match's it was great!!!
So then we went to Guangzhou on the train for 26hours. It was a horrible experience... probably worse because i wasnt feeling well n the chinese trains are so smokey n most the staff didnt speak any english. But the 2 chinese people in our cabin were quite lovely n showed us pictures of their family n tried to communicate without much luck but it was funny!
So then we got to Guangzhou which is a lovely city in the south east, which we would have liked to see more of but our rep was there yay!!! N spoke english n took us to a chauffer driven, air-con car, gave us our tickets n a little verbal tour about Guangzhou's history! It was bloody lovely! N we were glad that our pre-booking with the damn 'vodkatrain' people finally paid off.
Then to HK.
Went to our hostel on the 13th Floor of a huge scummy mansion that line the main streets in Kowloon. On the outside everyone is selling things n Design shops, Digital Shops, Massage Palours n 7/11's are everywhere. Inside these mansions people live, n there are many many hostels so they all kind off merge together. Even the staff. Its very weird n a big shock. We were just happy to be there after 28hours travelling through china on a train. N even happier when the receptionist told us all dorms were full we would have to spend 3 nights in a twin private with t.v. n air-con. We adjusted to the lovely heat of HK atm, but on the first night out having dinner the humid skies opened like someone had turned on a power shower for 30 mins. Then clear skies again. Always hot n humid. But not unbearable. We went to see The Big Buddha on an island off HK, the Harbor light show 'A Symphony of lights,' Victoria Peak, discoverd the Bars n found Kowloon park which is fabulous! The park has an Avary with the most amazing pigeons we have ever seen!! lol... Flamingos, A sports center, a Sculpture walk and...... an outdoor swimming pool!!! It was wonderful except that all the HK girls practically swim fully clothed- one pieces with Tshirts n shorts over the top so i turn up in a bikini n got stared at quite a lot! Nick, poor guy pretty much had to coax me out of the changing room.
We discovered this park at 7 o'clock in morning after deciding we couldnt make it to the end partying with the crazy HK teenages who on a week stay in the clubs till 8am. Its the oddest feeling ever to be on a 3rd floor of a skyscrapper in a dark cyber club dancing to House of Pain, Jump around with loads chinese people then stepping out into the sunshine and traquillity of Kowloon park in the mornings watching the old people to their Tai Chi n having a swim. It was the best we've ever seen Hong Kong!! Until Nick broke the tranquility by attempting to lean on a metal barrier n falling ass over t*t taking the barriers with him!! Its safe to say we started running!!
So last night in Hong Kong, although we loved the place its really infectuous n people are really nice.
So we got a cheap flight from Hk to Bangkok. The night before was a bit weird the skies were really red an ominous looking and i could not sleep until 6 am because i was really nervous because we had found some weather reports that Thailand was having Tropical Storms. So got up groggily n looked outside it was 10 am, n dark. Really dark. N raining. So we got to airport skies had cleared a bit, some flights had big delays. So we joked around about hoping ours was on time. It was cancelled.
So they found us seats on another airlines flight n we were only delayed about 4 hours. Actual flight was quite turbulent but we saw some amazing skies as we left HK towers of clouds like nothing i have seen before, food was good too! heehee
Landed. No tropical Storms. Touch wood!! But is sooooo hot. Averaging 36 C. Have not done much 1st day except scope the place out n figure what we want to do. Will probably go to the islands pretty soon, we have been in 4 metroplis' one after another n we want to see beaches!!!
We were glad to have left HK, looking forward to being able to walk down a street with out having a million people walk up to you with some variation of "Sir sir you want hang bag, copywatch?? Massage??? I know good indian. You hungry??"
Now its just "Ping Pong??"
Hope you are all well.
More stories/pics when we have them!