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Bex’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: Thailand

Just a little bit to tell of the things we have done in Phuket and Bangkok (second time) before we head to Nepal in about 3 hours!!
We stayed in the a lovely hostel! And so cheap a short bus ride from the main tourist beach of Patong. We went to see the famous 'Simon cabaret' which is basically miming, dancing and lady boys in pretty costumes. Nick was sitting in a aisle seat and we where really near the front as soon as we sat down he said " i really hope they dont pick on anybody!" And sure enough he got sat on in the spotlight by an old ladyboy and got a big kiss too!!
Then we went on an Elephant trekking/White water rafting adventure day (see pics) We couldnt obviously take photos of the rafting as we got drenched, there was even a part of the river where they stopped the rafts so we could get out an swim. I was a bit apprehensive an took my time getting out but they had a way to speed me up - they just tipped the raft so i fell in!! I was great fun to do something exciting without the heights! We had some photos taken like they do at adventure/theme parks so i brought some and have sent them home to show you when we get back!
Then on to Bangkok for a flight out to Kathmandu unfortunately a bit more expensive than we hoped as we left it till 4 days before we wanted to leave and there are only a few airlines that fly the route and only on certain days. The cheap ones were already full!
We are staying in a better location than before the famous Khao San Road, in a tourist area. We managed to get to see the Grand Palace and National Gallery although is very hot for sightseeing! And to see a show involving ping pong. Interesting is all i have to say.
Now off to Nepal the hippie haven and hopefully some trekking!
Keep sending us messages we love hearing from everyone back home and check internet surprising frequently!!!
Bex and Nick