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adjen’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007

Location: Broome, Australia

MapWe have finally made it to Broome and we have decided that we will chill out here for a week or so. We plan to explore Cape Leveque by 4WD. We have decided to head back to Perth and have booked flights for the 10th July so we look forward to catching up with everyone in Perth soon. Not looking forward to the winter as we have avoided it so far.

We have cycled over 2000k's which is about double what we have done on any other cycling tour. Cycling in the monsoonal north is fantastic! There was still water available (perhaps too much water from the sky though in parts).

However, we have decided that the distances in the arid areas of WA are too far and we would have to carry too much water (i.e. oaver 20 litres of water each!) if we were to continue down to Perth. Also we feel that we have had a good trip and have done heaps of the scenic parts on bike.

We will keep the diary going once we get to Perth to let you all know how we progress in Perth.