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Glenys’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Apr 2007

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MapDubai World Cup, the world’s richest horse race! What a sight. Fashion you wouldn’t believe from home made hats to designer pieces worth more than I like to think about. There was everything from the very small fitted ‘fruit salad bowl’ on the head to feather extravaganza. I managed to find myself a (very conservative) version of the ‘world cup’ hat, threw on some beads and I was off with Susan, who had a spectacular pink variety ( it attracted lots of comment). She had managed to materialize two very good tickets for free ( 1500dhs each) in the millennium grandstand a couple of days before which entitled us to food and wine throughout the day. My capacity for alcohol is about x2 glasses, sad as that may seem, and selecting food from the array was difficult but fantastic. The atmosphere was great with everyone in an open and friendly mood.

We did watch some horse racing, chose a winner from each of the seven races and entered in the betting draw; no money required! Unfortunately we hadn’t done any research so the selection was based on women’s intuition, famous names and interesting sounding horses. The big race was won by ‘Invasor’ an American horse owned by Sheikh Hamdan, ( 6 million dollar event) followed by a fireworks display and music from an all male Emirati band armed with bagpipes.

Lots of fun.