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Rach & Pete’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

Location: Bar Harbor, ME, USA

MapFamily and Friends,
Greetings from Bar Harbor, Maine! We arrived today and we'll be here until Sunday. We are staying about 3.5 miles outside of Acadia National Park on the coast. The weather is just awesome. The high today did not get over 70 and the low tonight will be in the high 40's. The leaves are changing a bit, there are tons of stars out...we are charged up to get back at it!

It seems like forever since we shared from the road. Our stay, (much to our delight) in New Jersey was 2 days longer than we planned. We were there for Rach's annual family reunion and just took our hands off the wheel for about a week. We got there last Tuesday and left Monday. We were mentally and physically spent so we posted up in Windsor, CT for 2 days. I would like to tell you that we saw some great stuff. But I am sure all of you know what the inside of a hotel room looks like. We did not leave it. It was rest much needed and the batteries are back in working order to trudge on.

We plan on getting the pictures and details up in the next day or two. Just a hint, everyone was living like Rock Stars...for real. It was that remarkable.

Thanks to all who keep in touch and check in. The best thing about the trip coming to an end, is getting back home to our family and friends.

Breathing feels good,

Pete and Rach