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Rach & Pete’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Oct 2007

Location: Charlotte,NC, USA

MapFamily and Friends,
Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina! We are home! We are in a major fog and doing our very best to get everyting back up and running at home. We plan on having a final entry to share all the stuff it took to make the trip happen with the hopes that someone will take the opportunity to do it themselves.

The last 24 hours have been very emotional for us. We had those moments of choking up and then laughing. We are in the process of reliving so many of the memories and the impact of the trip is starting to hit us. Our lives are changed for ever and that is something we are forever grateful for.

We could not have made it has far as we did without the endless help from family and friends. We love you all. We are so fortunate to have the support we do. Endless thanks to those involved. We are a phone call away to return the favor at any time.

Life has a new meaning for us and we are eager to share our happiness with all. Stay tuned for the final update once our heads are back at full steam.

So glad to be home and back with the people we care so much about,

Pete and Rach