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Greg’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Apr 2007

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

MapGood Friday

Here in Germany one of the things they take seriously is vacations or “holidays.” When there is a national holiday no one works… and I mean NO ONE! The bus/train schedules are reduced, all the stores (even Walmart) are closed, and 98% of all pubs and restaurants are closed. In light of the fact that I was going to get nothing accomplished shopping-wise, I decided to take a little walk. Well, it was supposed to be little. But I got going and before you knew it I’d walked an hour plus and found myself on the banks of the Rhine river in Biebrech-Wiesbaden. It’s a nice little town with a couple churches and a big wine community. In fact I past a sizable winery on the way, check out the pics, once I find out the times I will definitely head back there for a tour, tasting, or both! Tomorrow I am meeting up with Ralph and we are going to check out Wiesbaden’s sister city across the Rhine, Mainz. Until then, cheers!