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Greg’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

MapAnother week and a few new experiences. This week I found myself doing laundry again in the bathtub of my apartment. Not because I wanted to, but the laundry room in my building is still unfinished and the nearest laundry mat I could find is in Mainz and VERY expensive! It costs 1Euro for 5 mins in the dryer, and as with all things German, the machine is very very very small.

Anyway Naz was in town this weekend. For those that don’t know the name, he is the recruiter that placed me here in Germany. It is my first time meeting him, and while I had a vision of what this thick-accented Brit looked like, I was forewarned not to go by stereotypes. That couldn’t be more accurate! In my past I have crossed paths with a few “blokes” from England and they all seem to be taller, skinny gentlemen with a lot of focus on their dress and trying to impress people, although dentistry is not an important part of all that. But back to Naz, he’s a short chubby Indian/Pakistani looking guy. But true to his job he is a world class BSer. The group all met back at the hotel I stayed at when I first arrived and had a few (too many) drinks before heading out for dinner. Mike made the call, a nice little Italian place around the corner from the hotel. Very nice place, they spoke English and the menu was also in English. Great food, good wine and a great time was had. I made it back around 1am (I think, Dawn can verify for me, I called her on the walk back). Needless to say I am not feeling well today. Mackenzie woke me when she called at 2pm. I was up once before that, around 9am. Long enough to get something to drink and down some aspirin and crawl back into bed. Thank the good German who invented the metal shades installed outside my windows as they kept the apartment nice and dark well into the day.