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Greg’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

MapWell another week, another holiday. Last week the Germans celebrated their 6th holiday since my arrival. When the heck do these people work!? No wonder they have to hire Americans to do all the work! hahaha Anyway, I took a couple trips into Frankfurt in the past 2 weeks. One was for the annual Skyscraper festival. Frankfurt has the most skyscrapers in Europe I was told and thus the reason for the festival. Actually I think the reason is so they can have a few beers on a sunday afternoon. But then again, they really don't need a reason for that. Whatever, it was rather disappointing as festivals go. There were alot of activities for kids, little if any for adults unless you consider the numberous crains lifting people into the air to look at the city something to do. I didn't... The second time was just this past Thursday. It was a holiday so no shops were open but it was nice to just walk around and see the area. There are a lot of museums in Frankfurt and I wanted to get a bering on there location so I could visit them sometime.

Well that's all for now. Hope all is well for everyone back home.