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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Apr 2007

Location: Banhkok

MapHello Everyone, So this is my first entry. Havent done a whole two much. Been in Bamhkok for two days now. Flying out tomorrow. So far ive seen werid crazy stuff. Lets just say this place is full of Transgender Prostitues. Ya thats what i said. Soooo gross.Its kinda funny to watch them try and pick up guys knowing that they are boys but knowing that the guys think there girls. But they aint. Went to a disco tonite, it was so much fun. Met a few people along the way. Two guys from Australia Elliot and James. They partied with us. Got drgged to a Ping Pong show. Thats all im gonna get into. Lets just say they arent playing ping pong. I dont think im gonna be the same.

Im out
Talk to you all soon