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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

Location: Kalaw, Myanmar

MapThe Bus trip to Kalaw was unlike anything i have even encountered. Just imagine four rows of seats all filled up, plastic seats in the isle ways... all filled up, people piled on the roof. Your going like 30miles/hr, in and up and through the mountians.Which the bus can hardly make it up a hill, and when they reach the top have to stop and pour water on the engine to cool it down. Your legs and so gammed that your hitting the seats ahead, and it smells of gas. The bright side, i make good eye contact with a cute monk. I was hopeing to turn him over, i felt we had a connection. Kalaw was nice, stayed at a crappy guest house, with a sucky breakfast. The towns poeple were really sweet, they always where coming up asking where were from, how old we are, say where beautiful. It gets boring after a while. It was cool that we were the talk of the town cause everyone knew where we were staying and when we were leaving. I think cause we were the only white people there.