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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Apr 2007

Location: Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar

MapWe took a trek from Kalaw to Inle lake, over 52km through mountians and forest, in just 2.5days.We went through a number of villages and rice feilds, rivers, and mud!! I had so many stupid kristi moments its not even funny. Lets just say that if anyone was gonna walk into a cuctus it was me, or fall down some rocks, or in the mud..yep all me and gain the mosquitos loved me, i now have 7just on my butt. We slept in a village, on a nice familys floor, the people didnt speak a word of english, but we all managed. The second night in a Monistary, while we fell asleep the monks chanted, as well as when we woke. One of the things i wanted to see when here in Asia. It was the most amazing things ever, and i could sit and listen to them all day long. The trek was hard and i swore alot and told carolyn to leave me a couple times, but i got throught it. With huse blisters on my feet, and so dirty and smelly, that what happens when you have not showered in 3days. but i loved it.