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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

MapWell after finally getting out of the woods, and taking a shower, getting rid of the stink, things were pretty chill for a couple days. Inle lake was interesting, this massive lake thats the size of the comoz valley was a nice place to end our trip in Maynamr. Everything you can imagin people doing in water these people do in this lake. Huge cows soak in this brown water, as well as people washing them selves, and they swim and fish and doing their laundry.. all in one place. And im pretty sure that the water that i took my nice hot shower in, was lake water. Cause my skin felt worse then it did after i got off the trek. But it had its upsides, one day we took a river boat ride, and played tourists. Saw the long neck ladies of some tribe (cannot remember name), and saw how the make bamboo unbrellas, and metal tools, saw a bunch of young children making cigars and cigarettes..they cannot have a right to feel speech but are allowed to make cigars...werid! Saw a who new side of life. Whatcha gonna do. After leaving we spent the following day in the air back to Yagoon. I was wacting out for the jerk who ripped us off, gonna get my $6.00 back. Didn't happen. But we did get to see a movie..300 again. Its funny being the only white people in a theatre, and i laughed so loud when i saw that the Govt cut out the Pg13 sex scene. Not allowed here. Next is Aus. I wonder what adventures im gonna get into there?????????