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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapSo been in the realworld for a few days nice. I love the fact that i can pee in a real toilet and not a hole in the ground which i have to pay to do. But im missing the food in Asia, been eating pita and tomato sauce for 3days now and its getting kinda sucky. Got some advice from my father to take a couple days and just chilly/relax let my body re-adjust back to things....did i take his advice..............................NO. I took the free champagne and got so Drunk 2nd night out in Aus that i did stupid stuff. Lets just say i still have paint on my back...tell u all when i get home, and the taste of puke in the morning is not yummy! Next time dad im gonna listen. But for my first night out in Aus was a blast!!! Besides the drunk fest the sights are amazing. Checked out the Opera House, and walked around town, went to Manly Beach, watched all the surfers. The people all dress up so Fancy here, its cool. We moved into our Hostel today "Footprints". We of course took the cheapest room, so for $23 we get a bedroom shared with 25 other people, i lucked out with the botten it.