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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

MapStarted to make our way up north on the OZEx, first stop was SURF CAMP. After 10hrs on a bus it was nice to jump into the water. Still quite cold though....And yes i tried surfing. It was a bitter sweet moment. I Sucked at it, got up only 3times...was quite happy about that, got too excited about getting up that i would just fall right off instead of ridding out the wave,but i had a blast. Finish surf camp with a fire on the beach and nice box of Goon. Just ask Drew about that shit...he'll know! For $15/box.. its good stuff. Next day back on the bus to Bryon Bay. A town full of Hippys and Techno colours and Lov'in. Staying at the Art factory, where you can sleep in old buses/tippeys/dorm/ name it, you sleep in it. A couple days there spent walking the beaches..checking out the surfers, hiking to the lighthouse. Pretty cool time. Next Surfers Paradise!!!!