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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Australia

MapHey Guys, OMG its been a crazy week. Sorry for not keeping touch with everyone, but i have not been near a computer or one that works in a while. The last week has been filled with 10hr bus rides, more goona, camping. We did that on Fraser Island much fun. Our group had 10 of us in it was Brad, Tim, Steve(Chef), Frenchie, Nadina, Mia(Baby), Anne, myself, Carolyn, and Gwyn. On this huge ass Island there were Loads of 4WDTrucks all from differnt hostels roaming the island and beachs for three days. "Big Bertha" that was our trucks name. She was small cramped, but she takes what you dish out to her. I cannot even go into how much fun. We partied, we 4byed, we cooked, we stank, we got sand in every inch of our bodies, we got wet....much much more. Has to be one of the best things we done yet. After that we headed to Krombit cattel ranch where to learnt how to use whips (Good Times) and we shot riffles, milked sheeps, some people rode horses, and drank more.And the best for last..guess what i found!!!! Out here, miles away from home...I found a MECHANICAL BULL....Oh ya i rode that baby. And this competition i rocked it and WON. YeeHaw. I was the only one who could last over 15bucks, i got 29.Won myself i big ass bottle of JimBeans Whiskey. Save that for the whitsundays boat ride.
Its been a crazy, fun. long week. With more to come!!!
Today i leave for sailing 3 days in the Whitsundays. Talk to you later.