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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Australia

MapSo i made it back from my Sailing trip. The Sv Whiteheaven was a perfect boat to be on, a nice Small group of about 17 of us. On the boat everyone got along right way, the crew was fun and made things very interesting right from the start. They play this game that if you say the word "Mine" you have to do 10push ups, and if you get the crew they have to do 10curl ups. And the skipper cannot say "mine or No". So all day long the the whole boat is trying to get everyone to say mine and making each other do push ups, and trying to get the Skipper. I got hit the first hr 1 was on ship. The nights were spent hanging out on top, playing silly drinking games. The sights were so cool. Yesterday i went snorkling off a island on the great barrier reaf. Saw so many fish, and very colourful coral. The water was so warm, and a bright blue/green colour. Went to Whiteheaven beach..apparently its on of the top 10 beached of the world. And i was there, burnt my ass. Didn't get any sand though. The first night was werid sleeping on a boat..i felt like i was drunk (And no i had nothing to drink either).The lastnight i and most decided to sleep on top of the boat with the boys. Ya that last about 1hr, the boys all passed out quite easy, they didn't notice the cold wind hitting us. I should have slept on the top covered part of the ship, but no i need to be under the stars. I ended up going inside leaving them all behind. Good fun in all. Thank god for no seasickness.