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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Jun 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

MapHey Guys, So finally made it here in Cairns, only took 25days. The last week or so had been pretty chilled out. We left Airlie beach and went to magnetic Island. There was supposed to be a killer Full moon party there. Well there was a full moon, but the party sucked ass!! I think that we hyped it but so much, and we were comparing it to the one in Thai land, that we were bored and not impressed. I tried to have a good time, even cracked open my 2/6 of JimBean whiskey. I dunno how you all drink that shit....Yuck!!! Thank god the cleaning lady stole it from me, cause i don't know if i could do anymore of that. Anyways back to the point, we left the full moom at like 1:30...ya we bunked out. The next couple days we spent sleeping. Too much parting for us oldtimers. Today we were in Mission beach, and went to the Tully river rafting adventure. OMG so much fun. Ill never be able to look at our rapids as scarey again. I almost fell off a couple, almost got pushed off a couple time, and our instructor almost flipped us a couple times. All and all a blast. We were allowed to body surf a few rapids, i almost shit myself, not really but i was freaking out. Details later! And of course we got to jump off rocks...which you all know i love doing!! So much fun, 1 of the top 10 things i done this trip. Please don't laught at my pic.