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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jun 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

MapSo i jumped out of a plane today.....ya thats what i said. Shocking isnt it, i still cannot believe i did it. I can jump out of a plane, but am too scared to get in a elevator alone or drive 100km down the road...whats up with that. Anyways back to the point. I KRISTI LYNETTE HOIDAS jumpe out of a plane 14,000 up. I cried twice before jumping....but thats cause i cry at everything. I was scared but i didn't say No i don't want to do this. I of course had to be the first one of the day and the first one out of the plane. My last words were to Carolyn "I Love you". It was in the heat of the moment. Apparently she could hear me screaming some of the way, before she had to jump. Crazy man. I was on such a high after...Felt good. Thanks you to my partner "Pierre" he made me laugh and calmed me down.