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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

MapHey All, its been a while since i last wrote. Just spent 22hrs on a bus from Alice Springs to Adelaide. Hope this place is a little more interesting. Alice Spings was a cute place..loads of Aboriginals, kinda scarey at times, but very intersting learing about their culture. We spent a two nights and 3 days camping in the outback, sleeping under the stars. Saw Uluru(Ayres Rock) ...walked that huge ass rock 7km around) couldn't clime it cause the wind was pretty bad, went to Kings Canyon, Kata Juta. Freak'in cold out there, we had camp fires, and we all helped cook dinner...i made the best bread one night!!!! we all had to sleep in Swags by the fire..even with our sleeping bags in them...and it was still cold. One morining it was -4...i swear at one point i had frost bite all over my body. But the whole thing was pretty sweet, we have lucked out with good groups this trip....knock on wood! I would totally do it again.After camping headed back to Alice Springs, and tried to get the hell out of there asap. The town sucks for activity and i hated my hostel. So now were in Adelaide, hopefully some new adventures.