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Kristi’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007

Location: Courtenay, Canada

MapHey All, so back home Safe and Sound!!! Its totally werid....feels like i never even left. Same music, same people in the bar, same drama still going on since i left. But on the plus side i felt alot of love from all my friends and family, feels good that i have so many people who missed me and glad that i am home. Right now trying to catch up on my jetleg and work off the 20lbs that i packed on. I tell you it was a shocker not being able to fit into any of my clothes....the clothes that i had been soooooooo excited to get into. Thats all right, i have a new goal. Next on my agenda is just enjoying the summer here in Courtenay, hanging out with friends, deciding what i want to do next where i want to go next,.........????? I dunno, well see i guess.
I am glad i did this trip, bonding with my cousins has to be the greatest experience over all. So Glad i had the COURAGE to do it, wishing i could have done more, But thats life cannot do everything. I want to thank Carolyn for putting up with me for 3 whole months, you have inspired me to do more, and not to be so scared.
xoxoxo Kris