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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Jun 2006

Location: Butte, Montana, USA

MapHi to all!

Well my journey out West has landed me in Butte, Montana for the night. I left on Friday morning and have driven nearly 1800 miles. The drive alone has been petty exciting, seeing new things and stopping at the places that I have only ever heard of, including Mount Rushmore and the Black Hill National Forest (where I saw a heard of Buffalo!). I passed through Iowa and Minnasota (where there were MANY windmill farms--very Eco friendly and futuristic). I spent the second day driving on I-90, on the straightest road in North America (in my opinion) and made the necessary stops at The Mitchell Corn Palace and Wall Drug...both cool in thier own ways, I did get a few postcards:) I have seen more wildlife in the 2 days of driving then I have seen in 6 months in Ohio. Including colorful birds, buffalo, moose (yes, MOOSE), and some sort of goat-deer....not sure what that one is yet, I'm working on it. The mountains are beautiful, and VERY rocky! The weather has been great with a few showers along the way. So far I have made it on coffee and diet black cherry vanilla coke---who knew that would be good? But it's been an incredible trip to say the least and I'm not even in Whitefish yet! I'll keep posting, enjoy the photos!!