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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Whitefish, MT, USA

MapHi to all again!

Well I have settled into my little home for the summer, also know as the Hibernation House. After 2300 miles of driving, I arrived here at about 3 o'clock yesterday and checked in. After unloading, I headed to town to get some food and check out the town. I did notice some things that I'd never seen before.....for example, the ORGANIC dry cleaners! Seemed lke the most popular place in town! Today I had the great pleasue of spending the entire day at the Montana DMV. I started off there at about 9, waited in line, got to the desk and they told me that half of my papers were wrong or missing. So I headed out to find a fax machine and sent my papers to the right people to fix them, and went back to the DMV. This time my letter of 'intent' (in other words, what I'm going here for the summer) was wrong. It had the wrong address on it. So I went to meet KC, the woman who hired me, great lady, and got that taken care of. Went back to the DMV, had all the RIGHT papers and surrendered my Ohio license, and am now offically a Montana Resident! Next, was time to take the written portion of the commerical test....and well, FAILED! I failed the written portion. Man.....what a loser I AM! But can you tell ME what the axels of a semi should weigh when crossing a draw bridge? Nope, neither could I. So I get 6 chances--for free to retake it. Apparently this isn't just a problem for me. So I'm off to hit the books and study to become the BEST COMMERCIAL driver in the world. Wish me luck!