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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jun 2006

Location: Whitefish, MT, USA

MapHi everyone!

Well for the first time today I took the 26 mile drive to Glacier National Park to see what I got myself into, being that I'm going to be working there everyother day this summer! I decided to get an annual NP pass after I found out that EVERYtime you go into GNP you have to pay 25 bucks....and the pass was only 50 for the whole year and good for all the parks in the US. Why not?! But I decided to do a pretty moderate hike up Brown Mountain. It was about a 12 mile hike, but slice off about 2 miles, since I didn't offically get to the top of the mountain, here in Montana, there is still plenty of snow on the ground! But it was an incredible hike. How do I describe it? Imagine fresh snow, and christmas trees and the cleaniest air you have ever smelled, and that is what it smells like in GNP. It's almost intoxicating! You can't help but take the biggest breathes you have ever taken, just to get that smell in your nose! It's so great. I did see alittle wildlife, including: a deer (a huge deer) and her fawn, a tiny little chipmunk and I was on the lookout for bears, but didn't have any luck. I'm sure I'll see some this summer. The park is huge, almost 1 million sqaure miles, and I barely touched the surface today. I have about 4 months to see as much as I can!! Unfortunantly as the summer goes on, the people come in hords.....bus loads of them, so I was glad to have the place pretty much to myself today!