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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: Glacier National Park, MT, USA

MapHi Everyone!

I am too tired to go into great detail about today's adventures. But we did head up the West side of the Going to the Sun Highway that just opened up this past Friday. It was gorgeous. We hiked to Hidden Lake out of Logan Pass in about 3 feet of snow pack. It was pretty sketchy, but we made it! About 3 miles out. It was absolutly amazing, and during out lunch break we did have a family of mountain goats join us, kids and all. They were awesome.
We may have been hiking on 3 feet of snow, but it was 94 degrees out. I don't know who here has walked on ice or snow, but you get sunburned in the weirdest places....inside of your nose...inside of your ears...under your arms. Can't really help it, the sun is coming at you from the top and bottom!!
It was an awesome day, glad to see the pass open. But with the pass being open, that means MORE tourists driving on the Going to the Sun Highway....and it's not even the busy season yet!
Enjoy the pictures!!