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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: Whitefish, MT, USA

MapHappy 5th of July everyone!

A day late and still haven't been paid...but, after yesterday it all seems worth it. We left for the park nearly 3 minutes early to avoid the massive crowds that were reported this weekend, due to 4th of July and the Canadian 4th of July (have you ever heard of such a thing??) But the park was a mob scene this weekend. Out intention was to get up to the Continental Divide before 10am to get a parking spot. Out ride up the Going-to-the-Sun Highway was anything but casual: with one car sick passenger in the back of the bus who heaved into her lunch bag (we saved the food though!!), one near side swipe from someone doing a little too much rubbernecking, 2 big horned sheep within 10 feet of us (TOO COOL!!), many mountain goats and kids playing in the snow, and one dead Columbian Ground Squirrel (may he or she rest in peace) that ran under the tire of the van. We made it to the Pass with minutes to spare and seemed to grab 2 of the LAST parking spots in the area. The Pass (Logan's Pass that is), even after 2 weeks has changed so dramatically with the snow melting and glacier lilies blooming and massive holes, that bears dig in the wee hours of the morning, looks like a completely different place! It's beautiful. We stayed and walked around for a little bit but decided to get out of the parking lot, after the 3rd Hosteler told me that someone asked when we were leaving, so they could have our parking was a mad house. We headed to Sun Point to eat lunch (the pictures I most recently put up, with the water fall and gorgeous lake shots) and stayed there to do the 1.5 mile round trip hike to the falls. Well, the adventures didn't stop there. After our 1.5 HOUR hike to the falls, we were pulling out of the parking lot and one of my hostelers told me she dropped her glasses lense---well luckily for her, a group passing told me that they left it on a log at the falls..........a mile and a half away. So this was the culminating moment of my running career when I told her I would run to get it for her. And run I did.....I ran my BEST mile and a half EVER!! And found her glasses lense. I felt like a hero :)

By this point in the trip most everyone is falling asleep in the van on the way back down the Sun Highway, so it's a pretty quiet ride home. We stopped at the Huckleberry Patch (the highlight of most everyone's week) to get huckleberry ice cream (a delicacy I have yet to try in fear that I will become addicted) and headed back to the lodge.

At about 10:30 last night (when it finally gets semi-dark here) the fireworks on the lake started.....something we heard and didn't see. I didn't know what a valley I was living in until I heard the fireworks echo off of 3 valley walls...pretty amazing and LOUD!

It was a perfect day.....great weather, crystal clear and sunny (it usually rains here on the 4th) and we had record highs of 94 ears are still sun burned from last week! Made me realize that my one bad day last week is the small price I'll pay for a day like yesterday.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th!!