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Margaret’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Nov 2004

Location: Chicopee, MA, USA

MapHi everyone!
Well 6 days after my job in Ohio ended, i thought for sure that i would be missing those screaming kids.........turns out i don't. Well not yet anyway. I have excellent news, and that is that i officially made plans for the future. I bought my plane ticket to Belize, Central America today, and will be leaving on January 5th of next year--a short 2 months away. I'll be working at an Organic Botanical Garden, doing what exactly? Well my guess is gardening--alot! But all i can say is that from the pictures, looks like my trip is going to be more like a vacation. So me and my friend Holly will be spending 6 weeks there, 2 of which we will be traveling, and the other 4 working. I can only imagine my entiries will get better and better as the days go by!
There couldn't be a better way to start off the new year.