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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

Location: Portland, USA

MapJust spent a few days in Seattle and arrived in Portland today (on the good ol' greyhound!).
Was good staying with Lisa, Warren & the kids in Seattle and Lisa was awesome being my tour guide! We saw the making of chocolate at Boehms Chocolate; Snoqualmie Falls; snow at the now closed snow resort of West Summitt (pretty amazing that those living in Seattle can finish work and be at the slopes within an hour!); drove around Lake Smammish & yesterday we tok a bus inot the city and then a monorail out to the Seattle Center where we went up to the observation deck of the Space Needle. Great views but as there was cloud couldn't see Mt Rainer unfortunately. Then we walked aorund the famous Pikplace Markets and down to Pioneer Square where we were hoping to do an underground tour, but it was fully booked so we missed out. Instead we walked down to the Elliott Bay Bookshop which is featured in the tv show 'Frasier'.
Was a great couple of days, the kids even brought me breakfast in bed this morning! How lucky am I?!
I'm now in Portland until Tuesday when I fly to Los Angeles.. am about to go and fins some dinner on NW 23rd -apparantly that's the happening place aorund here :o)
Hope everyone reading this is well...... will write soon.