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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapSo.. five hours later, a bus, a train, 2 more buses & some walking I finally arrived at the hostel from LA airport! And I thought getting from the hostel in Portland to Portland airport and to LA airport was going to be hard! Ha!

And what has Kate learnt & re-itterated to herself today?
1. Hollywood Park is NOT the same as Hollywood.
2. When you are the only white person on a bus in a dodgy neighbourhood, stay on the bus -eventually it has to turn around and take you back to where you came from.
3. Never get off the bus in a dodgy neighbourhood, especially when you are the only white person in a 30min (by bus) diameter and wearing a backpack!
4. Never let on that you are lost, even if it is blatantly obvious!
5. It is safe to ask the bus driver for directions once you are the only person left on the bus.
6. Always organise your first night's accommodation prior to ariving in a new city/town/place.
7. Always organise how to get to accommodation upon arrival!
8. Never keep anything important in your pockets.
9. Always carry water with you wherever you go.
10. Always eat breakfast and lunch and dinner!

I can't believe I haven't eaten today and it's already 10pm! I am SSSSSOOOOOO tired I think I am going to go to bed and start afresh in the morning!

Goodnight from a very weary Kate. xoxoxox