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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 May 2007

Location: Joshua Tree, California, USA

MapAfter spending a few days in LA I was glad to pick up the rental car and get out of town on Saturday. Driving on the wrong side of the road isn't as hard as I expected thankfully!
*This is a short entry as I am paying a fortune for using the internet in this little place in Joshua Tree.
I met an aussie, Rob, in Portland who had no plans so he's joining me for part of the driving leg.. so it's nice to have some company.
The plan was to get to Joshua Tree on Saturday but I wanted to stop in to see the dropzone and wind tunel in Perris. As it was late I was hoping they would have vacancy in the IHOP or bunkhouse to stay overnight but they didn't and driving to Joshua Tree in the dark without any camping gear didn't sound appealing so we ended up driving to Morino Valley and staying in the Comfort Inn there.. for not much less than the five star hotel in Beverly Hills! and it was not five stars that's for sure!! But it was a bed for the night.
Yesterday morning we headed back out to Perris and I did 9 minutes of tunnel time.. it was just a bit of fun really -but was good to see what it was like and am now very excited about getting to Eloy tomorrow and getting some coaching in the tunnel there! :o)
We headed to Joshua Tree yesterday via a store to buy camping gear -everything is so cheap here! This morning we walked around the boulders and rocks near the Hidden Valley Campground where we are camped for a few nights. There seems to be some awesome climbing there.. wish my ingrown toenail would go away & then I would have a hope of climbing some of it!
I've been trying to bug one of the climbers I met in Squamish, James, to come down and do some climbing with me but unfortunately bills don't pay themselves!
Am having a great time and am off to buy some sunscreen!
Will try to upload some photos when I next get the chance to use a USB port...