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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Location: Phoenix, USA

MapJoshua Tree National Park was amazing. Before I arrived I didn't realise it was in the middle of the desert -the landscape was spectacular! I never realised how much the landscape of the desert can change. I saw little rabbits with huge ears and some desert mice-looking like creatures -but they ran too fast to get a photo! And the rock climbing there looked fantastic -some do-able ones and many challenging ones I'm sure -I can't wait to get back there on a climbing trip! day!
We're on our way to Eloy at the moment.. stopped by Phoenix on our way through. Can't wait to get there, organise some coaching & get in the tunnel! Woohooo!
Rob is flying to Seattle tomorrow so I'll be a lone traveller again.. been great to have the company & have someone to muck around with -we spend our time making fun of each other so it's been a great laugh! hehe
Mum was right.. you meet some really awesome people whilst travelling and make friends for life!
...So on to Eloy! -Boy did I misjudge the scale of these USA maps! -Here I was thinking it was a skip and a jump away and it's taken most of the day to get this far!

...Better hit the road!

Oh yeah, got sunburnt yesterday (prior to buying sunscreen!) & aloe vera gel is now my best friend!!!!! ....oops!!!!