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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: USA

MapWoohoo! I'm in Eloy! Did 15 minutes of tunnel yesterday with Jason, learning to back fly... was awesome! ..Such an unfamiliar feeling -but am loving it!
This evening am doing 30 minutes of tunnel time with Todd doing rel (-which I am much more familiar with) -can't wait!!
Tomorrow am in the tunnel with Mick doing some more back flying & then hopefully do some sit flying too & then I've more coaching with Jason on Saturday.
It's SO hot here! ..The days are spent lazing around -which is great as I haven't had much of a chance to chill out since I left home.. and the evenings will all be spent in the tunnel.
-haven't worked out how much tunnel time I can do before I'm exhausted yet! :o)
I sat down with my road atlas yesterday and wrote down directions through all of the national parks between here and San Francisco so I'm hoping not to get (too) lost!!! The next three weeks are going to be awesome!