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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: Skydive Arizona, Eloy, USA

MapRob flew to Seattle yesterday and what a fiasco! Lol..
On Tuesday we packed up our campsite at Hidden Valley campground (Joshua Tree NP) & began the drive to Eloy.
We decided to eat lunch at Denny's -it was a cultural experience! It's like a combination of a McDonald's and a roadhouse in Oz. I think if I eat another burger I'll turn into one! -Everytime I eat out here I decide on the burger as it is the only thing with salad & meat in the same meal on the menu!
...After driving for what seemed like forever we decided to stop in Phoenix. We got lost driving around the city (-our map wasn't as detailed as we thought). We finally found where we were going, jumped on the 'net, checked our emails etc. & headed out of Phoenix to Eloy.
Rob decided as he is broke to head up to Canada & find a job, so booked a flight from Phoenix to Seattle flying out Wednesday morning. The plan was to go to Eloy Tuesday night and then I'd drive him to the airport Wednesday morning & then head back to the dz.
We finally arrived at the dropzone late Tuesday just as the sun was going down, stopping by the road on the way in to take a photo. Unfortunately my 'wing it' nature didn't serve us well as I didn't organise beds in the bunkhouse so we had nowhere to stay! We could've set up the tent but instead decided to drive back to Phoenix and find a motel as that meant I only had half the trip to do in the morning.
So back to Phoenix we went! As it was a day for cultural experiences, and roadside choices for dinner were limited, we ate dinner at El Taco -a mexican cuisine fast food place. -It was terrible!!!! The food portions were tiny and as processed as they come. They didn't even use real grated cheese but the liquid stuff! Ew!! Rob was going to shout me dinner for being the chauffeur but he thought he left his wallet in the car (how convenient! lol) so I shouted.
We continued on the road, nearly getting all the way to Phoenix, when I asked where we were going once we reached Phoenix. Rob went to get the map out but couldn't find it.
Then it dawned on him... When getting out of the car to take that beautiful sunset photo just before pulling in to the dropzone, he'd put the map and his wallet *which had been on his lap( on the roof of the car..........
Rob began to stress.. he was in big trouble if he lost his wallet! But what about my map?! Lol..
...back to Eloy we went! I spent the trip back telling Rob not to worry because there was nothing either of us could do until we got there! -The drive back seemed to take longer the second time around!
Eventually we arrived back in Eloy in the dark of night. We found my map almost straight away as it was so big -PHEW!! I pulled over and gave Rob my torch. He hopped out, picked up the map -a little worse for wear, but still in pretty good condition, & then began looking for his wallet while I turned the car around. As I did a U-turn the headlights shone on none other than .......his wallet! I hopped out to find it in remarkable condition, despite being run over! I picked up all the coins and drove back to Rob. -I think he must've been the luckiest guy in the world!
And so back to Phoenix we drove! We found a motel close to the airport -Rob's shout! :op
What a day!
I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!