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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 May 2007

Location: Eloy, USA

MapAll I can say is I wish I lived near a wind tunnel!! I've lost count of how much tunnel time I've done now but I am finally sit flying, flying on my back and I began learning to carve around the tunnel on my back yesterday -after doing so much sit flying my arms were getting pretty tired so it was awesome to be able to begin to learn something new that didn't involve using my arms!
I have had SO much fun here. I had a most awesome session with Todd from Airspeed learning to improve my body position for 4way and I've been getting freefly coaching from Jason, Mick & Derek in the tunnel. Most of my coaching's been with Jason from Arizona Arsenal -he is an amazing freeflyer and has an incredible talent with coaching and in-tunnel communication.
I've learnt SO much since I've been here -I can't wait to get back in the air back home in a few months time.. weather permitting!
So I head off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.. the beginning of three weeks of travelling around all the national parks on my way to San Francisco.
I met up with Autumn briefly yesterday here at Eloy whom I met in Nagambie yonks ago when she was on holidays in Australia and am looking forward to catching up with her properly when I get to San Fransisco as we'll both be there at the same time (yay!).
Funnily enough I met another Autumn yesterday, the girlfriend of Jackson who works at the tunnel here and she lives in Sacramento so I am also looking forward to catching up with her on my way to San Fransisco too! :o)
I've been really lucky, met some amazing people and had an amazing time here. I'll certainly have many fond memories.
I met an awesome aussie who's been here for quite some time now, Ash (great guy!!); Amy Chmelecki (awesome chick!!); Jason, Derek, Mick, Jackson, Jim, Aimee & all the staff at the tunnel; Rachel whom I shared a lot of tunnel time with (-has such an amazing, beautiful, kind heart!); Will the cameraflyer for Airspeed; I met the guys from the freefly team Solstice -Darrel, Brian & Sean; Erica from the Square 2 store; Henry from behind the bar; Chris from Brazil; Diego the pilot & so many more.. (sorry to anyone I didn't individually remember!)

So, one last session in the tunnel tonight & then I hit the road at dawn...