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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Flagstaff, USA

MapI left Eloy yesterday and drove the scenic route to Sedona. The drive was beautiful and the change in terrain in such a small area of the country was fascinating!
I got to Sedona late and ended up driving on to Flagstaff to stay the night as there was nowhere reasonably priced in Sedona.
The quaint Grand Canyon Hostel in Flagstaff (where I am staying) run a Grand Canyon Day Tour -which I went on today, with our tour guide, Michael and four others from the hostel.
The Grand Canyon is spectacular! I think my eyes had a hard time conceiving that it was real -it looked like a photograph! It is so vast it is hard to grasp we weren't in a movie!
Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera battery completely, so conserving battery power I managed to get a few good shots & I'm hoping to visit the north rim next week so will make sure I have enough battery charge then!
Photos of this amazing place, however, just don't do it justice!