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flyingk8’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jun 2007

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

MapWell, sufficiently relaxed after a few weeks staying at dad's place in Zurich, today we are heading off on a short holiday down just over the border into Italy and France. We are going to Ilanz to have lunch with an old friend of mine, Julia. She and I did an exchange to/from Mainz, Germany in Year 10 (in 1996), each for three months. We've kept in touch ever since, so it will be great to see her again! She is now working as a doctor in Ilanz.
From there we are heading to a little place called Andermatt for the night and then tomorrow will head over the mountains, rather than through the St Goddard tunnel -figured the view would be better going over the top! :o)
We are going to Locarno, Ascona and a view other places along the lake there before heading west across to Chamonix, Geneva and then we will drive up to Lausanne and back home to Zurich on Thursday.
We are going to be driving through some beautiful countryside! :o)
We considered driving back through St Moritz, but I really want to see Mont Blanc. I was originally planning on doing this trip last year and doing a hike in the Mt Blanc area, organised by The Cancer Council back home, to raise money to find a cure for cancer and Mum also visited the area on her round the world trip in 1974, so it was somewhere I really wanted to see this trip. :o)
Well, I will update my blog when we get back to Zurich, and I will try to fill in the blanks from my american leg of the trip then too, before I head to England on 10th July!! -Oh, and there are still a few photos to get up-to-date too, so I will endeavour to do that next week.. keep your eyes peeled! :o)

..i love holidays!!